3 Monitor Gaming From Acer Prepare Yourself To Be Champion at the Arena E-Sport!

If spacers want to try the thrill of gaming is more crisp on the screen with a resolution of UltraWide 21: 9 FHD (2560 × 1080), now is the time you try Predator Z35. This monitor will take you to the wraparound gaming space , a game world that will look increasingly real. Ultrawide monitor features NVIDIA G-SYNC ™ available on Z35 Predator will also bring the spacers on the experience of gaming increasingly fine with syncing frames provided by the GPU to the refresh rate of the monitor. So , no need to worry anymore spacers will effect of screen tearing and stuttering again, !

Best Gaming Monitor

As a reliable gaming monitor, Predator Z35 is equipped with NVIDIA Ultra Low Motion Blur technology , a technology that can reduce the blur on the screen when the spacer play games such as Need for Speed that requires a rapid transition in every scene. Predator Z35 comes with a frequency of 144Hz to provide comfort gaming spacers. However, spacers can overclock up to 200Hz frequency for maximum speed so that you can dominate an opponent.

Because it is made for gamers, Predator Z35 has equipped the device with GameView Technology. This technology allows the spacers to select and store three custom profiles mode you can switch easily when gaming takes place. Thanks to technology GameView , spacers can also set their own level of dark boost , aim-point and on-screen refresh rate that is required when running games.

One thing not to miss is the ability to monitor gaming in giving effect sound jarring, so that the existing blast feels more real. With Predator Z35, spacers do not need to add sound extra for this device has been equipped with a built-in 9W DTS Sound speakers are the most superior in its class Thus, expectations of the spacer will be a more real audio will be realized, is not it?

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