Attract Of Asphalt 8 Airborne

What’s interesting about this is the design Asphalt 8 tracknya much more solid. Details look more lively environment, for example in Tokyo are filled with lots of buildings and traffic vertical. This means you may be hit from the traffic coming from the side (intersection). Interaction with various objects also feels more alive, suppose there are opponents who crashed into a lamppost then the pole can fall onto the road and make the car behind him crashed into the pole

Apart from its better to play this game sometimes we are constrained by the lack of tokens that we have to buy items essential items we need in order to modify and accelerate the speed of a car that we have.

Well here we will discuss is. How to get Top Eleven Token Free and safe manner. By Getting Many Token you will be more easy to get a collection of cool cars and speed Tinggi.Cara was already proven and successful, Do you want to know how to get it? This beriku how. Read more: 8 ball pool hack 

How to Get Gold Asphalt 8

You definitely want to have a lot of gold that is not it? Here I would give very important information for you so that you get the gold very much, trick is to buy gold with vouchers google play but do not use the Internet alias money. Please follow the steps – steps below.

googleplay to get vouchers for free, we can use an application called whaff reward, reward whaff is a smart application which this program will give us a voucher for free google play if we want to do a light work such as trying to game or install applications

1. First download whaff Rewards app on Google Play or from this link

2. Then Install

3. Then select Accept

4. Wait for the download and installation to complete

5. Then Open whaff Such applications

6. Then select the Log-in

7. Enter your email address and password you facebook.

8. Next select OK


9. Put Referral Code, just enter code: BL42322

In Box Invite Code in order to directly obtain YOU FIRST DOLLAR 0.30 $, if not put the code will remain zero balance before starting the activity in whaff, unfortunately not?

10. After the invite code coupon inserted Earning already be $ 0.30, or about Rp.3.800.

Furthermore you live commenced activities in whaff with downloadable applications, downloadable games, or run applications suggested by whaff that earnings grow faster. Break your first dollar earning 10! so you can trade them with vouchers google play

How Fast Supa Collected Dollar

Pretty easy anyway to collect dollars every day from whaff.

you just need to install the applications in whaff. Run the application about 2 minutes, can deh free dollars from whaff.

Whaff I use is the latest version, so do not believe the people who use older versions whaff, because the rules in the new version is slightly different whaff.

In this latest version whaff dollar rewards are given even greater, and there is also a reward harianya know.

Daily Reward how it mean?

You see, you too will get a dollar just to check presence in whaff.

Buddy just need to get into whaff and click “check the presence of” a buddy get the dollar will grow by itself.

 Now I’m telling SECRET fastest way to get dollars from whaff.


The secret of getting a lot of dollars from whaff is on Premium Pick.

So in whaff there are two special pick in which there is a wide range of applications that can mate download.

Pick are:

  • Pick Premium
  • Pick Whaff

Well, I highly recommend you to install applications in Premium Pick.


Because … whaff will reward dollars to install applications, play applications, and Maintaining application in your android.

So Pick 3x Premium reward in just 1 application.

Wow, cool …

Whaff is the best application in android dollar producer.

Take a look at the game Clash of Clans is in this premium pick:

  • Buddy will get $ 0:12 after download Clash of Clans.
  • Buddy will also get $ 0:40 dollars every day if running Clash of Clans for 2 minutes a day.
  • And rewards to 3 obtained If the game Clash of Clans remain within the Android pal (not removed), then the friend will be paid 0.01 every day until a certain time period.

Total dollar discovered is $ 0.53 just to download one application only.

What if you could download the 10 applications each day?

How many dollars in the can?

Well, certainly a lot yes.

To get the most out of whaff download applications that exist in the pick whaff, some applications there are of great value, you know.

Look at this:

I knew it there were rewarded $ 4.2 dollar per application simply download, register after purchasing an item in the application is worth $ 1 dollar to earn a reward of $ 4.2 dollars of whaff.

Buddy still gain much if downloading the application.

But remember that in the dollar may be different, depending on the value of an application downloaded buddy.

How to Redeem Voucher Balance whaff Become Google Play

Prior to redeem the balance whaff sure you’ve collected 10 dollars to meet the minimum exchange

1. Log in to the application whaff. Click the three dots icon in the top left, then select payment.

2. Select the Google Play giftcard to redeem dollars with the gift code google play. Select how many dollars that you want to change and then click on “Request”

Wait 1 to 2 days to get a reply in the form of the Redeem code. My friend can see the redeem code at the payment history → Check Gift Code


If it is able to code voucher google play, you can enter code directly into your Google account.

In a way:

1. Go to PlayStore. Click the menu, and select exchange.

2. Put redeem code that has been my friend get earlier and click redeem.


Up here, my friend had managed to enter the redeem code to PlayStore.

3. If successful it will have pembritahuan as shown above, then you have to add 10 dollars into your Google account

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