By the end of the year, 5 Banks Offer Low Interest Rates

By the end of the year, 5 Banks Offer Low Interest Rates

Since Bank Indonesia decided to lower the BI Rate by 25 bps to 6.50% in June, a number of private and government banks have complied with the rule by providing mortgage rates to single digits.

Not only that, another policy that gives cool breeze to home seekers is the decision of BI 7-day (Reverse) Repo Rate which dropped 25 bps from 5.50% to 5.25%. This is in line with the policy interest policy reform plan announced on April 15, 2016.

Summarize from the official website of each bank below, here gambar rumah minimalis are five banks in Indonesia that give promo low interest rate below 10%. Note, promotion is only valid until December 2016.

Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI)

The government bank established on July 5, 1946 is offering an interest rate of 8.25% p.a (per annum), effectively fixed in the first 5 years. Condition, the purchase of new property applies only in BNI partner developers as well as the repayment period of at least 10 years.

So, if you plan to buy a house worth Rp300 Millions like the one in Villa Sawangan Asri, Depok, then the installment from the first month until the 24th is Rp2.094.183. For your convenience, see the complete installment simulation.

Simulating mortgage repayments

Bank Central Asia

As of August 1, 2016, BCA strives to assist consumers to achieve the ideal home with interest rate certainty through the 6 year Fix & Cap KPR program.

In the first three years, consumers only charged the mortgage interest of 7.99% and 8.99% in the next three years.

This program is valid until December 30, 2016. Almost similar to BNI, credit term requirement is at least 8 years and funds withheld by 3x initial installment. Interest?

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CIMB Niaga

The fourth largest bank of this one was not to be outdone in the war of interest rates on inter-bank lending. If BCA fixes a 7.99% interest rate, KPR CIMB Niaga offers a flat rate of 7.75% for three years. There is also a fixed interest rate of 8.25% for five year installment.

Little information, there are interesting benefits provided by KPR Xtra Benefits CIMB Niaga. Includes:

Accelerate repayment as it is connected to a privately owned CIMB Niaga savings account.
Using 80% daily balance of savings to ease the burden of mortgage lending customers.
Do not withhold savings funds.
Full access to funds in customer accounts.
Mandiri Bank

Meanwhile, Bank Mandiri set a fixed five-year mortgage rate of 8.5%. Only this promotion is allowed for Mandiri KPR customers who buy houses from partner developers, as well as through property agents of Bank Mandiri partners.

Not only that, Bank Mandiri also ease mortgage customers with the imposition of DP house starting 5%.

Condition, the proposed mortgage facility is the first credit facility aka first home purchase.

UOB Indonesia

If the four banks above the focus offer low interest rate promo, UOB Bank actually hook the mortgage consumer from another bank to move the mortgage here.

The lure includes the latest smartphone direct gifts, free provision fees, can add facilities (top up) and save millions of dollars.

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As for the mortgage interest rate, UOB presents a fixed 9.99% interest for three years. After that time, interest will float according to applicable BI rate.

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