Cardio at Home for Those Who Hate the Gym

How great is the idea of enjoying all the benefits of cardio workout equipments without even going to the gym? Exercising at home will not only save time but also money and moreover it will have the same effects on you as it would have been going regularly to the gym. There are many options to exercise at home provided you have the space and creativity to utilise it properly. Home workouts are better since you do not have to wait for your turn to get onto the treadmill unlike gyms. Some easy weight loss tips of the workouts that will help you burn calories and help in weight loss are listed below.

Rope jumping

Remember the childhood days when this exercise was a part of our game and now we can use it to burn calories and stay fit. This involves jumping over a rope with handle while turning it. It can burn up to 220 calories in just twenty minutes of working out. This exercise does not require any special equipment except the rope which is inexpensive, easy to carry and no training required to do it. You just need to find space to be able to jump freely.


This cardio exercise involves standing with your feet shoulder width apart and hands stretched out in front of you for a good balance. Bend your knees at right angles and thighs parallel to the ground. Keep your back straight and perform this repeatedly not allowing your knees to extend over the toes. It is great for toning your abs and thighs.


There is nothing more enjoyable a workout than dancing, and it works wonders for weight loss too. It is one of the great cardio workouts for the heart that burns more calories than any other form of exercise and boosts your spirit and mood as well. It relieves you from stress and promotes good well being. Choose the best dance form for you to learn something new while slimming down.

Workouts at the gym becomes a bore after a period of time therefore explore things that are available with you at home to bring a change and also save yourself from the monthly expenses of a gym. Workouts at home can be done according to your convenience without any restrictions of the gym timings as well.

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