Codiaeum Variegatum, Plant Pretty Patterned Batik

Codiaeum Variegatum, Plant Pretty Patterned Batik

The beauty of Codiaeum Variegatum is not on the flowers, but rather on the leaves.Forms, motifs and colors creating very attractive Puring dubbed “the batik plant” among lovers of floriculture.

Codiaeum Variegatum or Codiaeum variegatum is a species of plant in the genus Codiaeum, who is a member of the Family Euphorbiaceae. The plant Codiaeum Variegatum is a plant shrubs high between 1 meter up to 2.5 meters. This plant can be grown as potted plants, especially on the types that have a unique pattern on its leaves.

The plant Codiaeum Variegatum is known as tropical plants. So that’s this plant thrives in areas that have abundant sun light intensity as well as the differences in temperature during the day and night are quite high. The climate conditions are jasa pembuatan taman rumah thus able to produce the quality contrast colors on the leaves of the plant are also known asGarden Croton.

Codiaeum variegatum easily reproduced using stem cuttings that have processes are woody, but not too old. Immerse the stem cuttings to loose a lot of media containthe compost so that it’s easy to make new rooting. Once rooted, Codiaeum Variegatum ready was moved to the Park.

In addition to plant a garden and pot fillers, Codiaeum Variegatum leaves can also be used as a complement in a flower arrangement. Motif, style and color of the leaves resembling batik, just as beautifully with other popular flower petals look..

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