Dare to vacation, credit DP Home Why Afraid?

Dare to vacation, Nyicil Nyicil DP Home Why Afraid?

Traveling does indeed become the best alternative to remove the stress and tiredness are definitely needed everyone. At least traveling or travelling is done at least twice a year. Destinations can be out or remain in the country, adjust an existing budget.

For those of you who are fond of traveling, fun activities this one is indeed legitimate just made into a hobby. However, should still be mindful of the limitations of spending and do not get a monthly income runs out useless without producing something useful. The House, for example.

Based on the data of the Ministry of public works and Housing (PUPR) in 2015, at least 25 million families in Indonesia until now could not buy a House. This amount is equivalent to 40% of the total population of Indonesia.

Assuming an average of one family consists of four people, then there are about 100 million people or the equivalent of 40% of the total population of Indonesia namely the 250 million people could not afford to buy a House.

Ironically, according to the report Global Travel Economy by 2015 and then, almost half (46 per cent) of society Indonesia admitted it will increase the budget for a vacation.

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They are willing to spend more, because a budget vacation is something that feels entitled to they get. The report noted a 53 per cent of people have a lot of frugality to be a vacation, and 46 percent more planned to visit dream destinations.

The results of this study certainly is inversely proportional to the number of society Indonesia claiming to be unable to buy a new home, because of an affair a down payment that is considered too large.

(Here it is, a house in Bogor by DP 10%)

In fact, they are willing to save money or money mencicil so long for a vacation to dream location but not ready to save for a home down payment scandals.

Mirisnya again, the hobby of traveling more embraced by generation Y (born 1980-1999) that should have been prioritizing home living as a life purpose.

According to Mike Rini Sutikno, a financial planner from the Financial Plan Partners, productive age should be the best time to mencicil home. E.g. the range of 22 to 26 years.

So expect, at the age of 28 to 30 of the required down payment already collected and ready to file a MORTGAGE.

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“Someone fresh out of College and working, first paycheck should begin aimed at saving the down payment of the House. Period of time saving for DP can be targeted for a minimum of two years. Because if more than that, home prices could increasingly soar, “said Mike.

He added, “the easiest way is to put aside half of the money saved to pay a salary advance. Its shortcomings can be obtained from money THR (Alimony the feasts) and annual company bonus. ”

Post the money DP accumulated, you can start filing a MORTGAGE is to give a maximum of 30 percent of a steady income.

“When it’s formed the discipline of saving DP, later You will have no trouble menyicil monthly MORTGAGE,” said Mike.

However, if you still feel the difficulty of collecting advance payment within two years, there are still some ways that must try to increase revenue and savings coffers.

For example participate in mutual funds of stocks, invest in a business friend and rake in profits per month, to invest in gold.

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