fraud can 300 million Rupiah, Gothic Zaskia regret Shopping Online

At the time of this modern all-round indeed we be easier through activity. One of the more practical activities carried out was shop. With advances in technology we are no more difficult-difficult in shopping. It is enough to just click the shopping you can practically.

Unfortunately lots of parties is not responsible. They utilize technology and committing fraud impersonate online shop. Already countless more victims are deceived, one is Gothic Zaskia. Offered by (7/2), become a victim of fraud Zaskia impersonate branded goods. Any experience that divide zaskia on media crew.

“So ketipu bag yesterday, gini neng to Polda. Neng confirmation, discussion, how his path. So, neng kan pesen bag and it’s not just doang neng, an awful lot of reseller-reseller tuh ketipu one there are also Flowers Zainal if not wrong, “said Zaskia Gothic.

“First same pesen Neng he boots and it indeed bener native, is also original, fit real here-here neng pesen bag. So it is that the system of credit with three times the pay of the goods there. Baseball long neng pesen two bags a wallet, had long been paid off new deh there upload news-an ‘ fraud, this fake account. Counterfeit goods ‘. Neng neng’s stunned while never found the same name si this Ade, neng believe aja lah because there have been many wildlife artists who are shopping to her, “he added.

Zaskia is increasingly made shocked Ayu Dewi also know the promosi superindo figure. “E.g. Ayu Dewi Dewi Ayu asked neng, bener baseball know the same and it turns out bener. Exhausted that she said ‘ sorry, neng neng would’ve denger right anyway I promise future balikin ‘. He lived in Singapore since Singapore people have a husband but he’s native Indonesia, in Jakarta. So the chance to love him neng if you wanna nglunasin yeah already come not anything in familial aja gitu. But he never WA neng dibales not any news so pengen ngasih neng aja gitu deterrent effect, “he said.

The amount of money that vanished not playful Ladies. Zaskia have to spend Rp 300 million. Such fraud ever make it get to shop online anymore.

“Neng already checks if sandals, nih, the original shoes. Well the bag right neng take two equal one wallet Yes around 300 millions is because the item second. So she did buy a second still smooth. So get shopping-online shopping better if there’s money buy direct on place deh beneran and not have to buy online who do not know the seller, even though other artists took the same, better not have him deh, “pungkasnya.

Ladies who want to shop online please ensure correct so that you do not hit by acts of fraud such as Gothic Zaskia. Shopping online is indeed greatly facilitate the activity, but you also have to be super careful when transacting Yes.

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