Herb onion to cure asthma

Herb onion to cure asthma

The Onion is a mandatory ingredient in the kitchen is not only for cooking, but alsofor health.


The onion has a natural ingredient that can treat asthma, in addition it contains antioxidants and rich in vitamin C such as reported by the Bold Sky.


Several studies have concluded that thiosulphinate compounds found in the onion is one of the best anti-inflammatory ingredients.


In addition, antioxidant compounds called the anthocyanin cyanidin and quercetin in the form of flavonoids can help treat allergies, including asthma.


Here’s how to use red onion to treat asthma.




Set up about half a kilogram of onion
6-8 tablespoons honey
300 g dark brown sugar
Two lemons
5-6 glasses of mineral water


How to make a


Heat the sugar until melted.
Stir in the sliced shallots and then continue to mix well, then stir in the water.
Boil until the water is shrunk to one third.
Let stand until cool, then stir in the juice of the lime juice and honey.
Let stand overnight in a glass jar.


How consumption


One tablespoon for adults and a teaspoon for children before eating. People with asthma are also biased to eat onion raw or cooked in every dish.


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