How To Eliminate Printer Ink Stains on Clothes, Hands, and Paper

The printer has become a staple item used for various purposes ranging from work affairs, college assignments, printing invitations, magazines, posters and all things printed using a printer. Well, when the printer ink runs out, then we have to fill it.

Sometimes accidentally when filling in the ink hand, clothes and goods that we hold affected by ink. So how to remove printer ink stains on clothes, hands, and paper because using water and soap alone cannot eliminate with clean. Here’s the solution, let’s see the explanation below on how to remove printer ink stains on clothes, hands, and paper

How To Eliminate Printer Ink Stains on Clothes Hands and Paper

How to Eliminate Printer Ink Stains on Clothes

Here’s the right way you can remove ink from your shirt:

Alcohol or Spirits

First is to use alcohol or spiritus. Alcohol and spiritus neutralize the pigment present in the ink so that when the stain is exposed to alcohol or spirt the stain will fade and disappear. The trick is straightforward that is by rubbing alcohol or spiritus on clothes affected by ink using a fan. Do it repeatedly until the ink is completely gone and then wash your clothes clean.


Second, use ammonia for non-synthesized clothing. The trick is to mix the methylated spirtus with ammonia solution with a ratio of 1: 1. After that, soak your clothes in the solution for 10-15 minutes. Add vinegar to neutralize the ammonia and then wash the clothes clean.


The third is the use of hairspray. How to coat the stained clothes with a tissue, then spray hairspray on the ink stains. By itself, the ink stains will fade and then absorbed by the tissue that you paste. Once it is clean enough, then immediately wash your clothes until clean.

How to Eliminate Printer Ink in Hand

In addition to clothing, hands are also often exposed to ink. If not immediately cleaned then the hands will look very dirty and make someone uncomfortable to see it. Therefore, you should quickly remove the ink from your hands by using glue paper. How to get rid of printer ink stains on clothes, hands, and paper that this time is more specifically discussed in hand is to apply glue paper on hands ink and wait until dry. Once dry, rub your hands then the ink stains will lift up together with the glue. Repeat the same way if the ink has not gone completely. After the bearish, you can rinse it with water and soap.

How To Delete Printer Ink On Paper

If you accidentally make paper ink, then you do not have to worry because the ink can be removed in various ways. First is to use nail polish. Apply nail polish to the affected part of the paper and stick a tissue or cotton wipe with a little wipe. That way, the ink will be lifted together with nail polish.

The second is to use peroxide or alcohol. The way by applying the liquid on the inked paper and then rubbed using a tissue or cotton. Do the repetition if you want clean paper perfect.

Printer Ink Remover

Some materials can be used to remove ink from clothes, hands or paper such as paper glue, nail polish, milk, alcohol, vinegar, kerosene, lime juice and others. However, the use of such materials cannot be applied to all inked objects so you must choose them appropriately.

That’s some information on how to remove printer ink stains on clothes, hands, and paper. That way, you do not have to worry about using the printer even though it will be at risk of ink but you can eliminate it using the way described above.

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