Interact with Southeast Asia in ASEAN Bangkok Museum

Interact with Southeast Asia in ASEAN Bangkok Museum

It is not difficult to find Contemporary Art Center on Ratchadamnoen Road Ratchadamnoen Klang that sits directly across from the democracy monument in Bangkok,Thailand.


The lower part of the building art gallery can be reached with a 10-minute walk from the travelers backpackers Khaosan Road it showcased contemporary art with a different theme each month.


Mid-February, they offered one corner to show off his collection of paintings portraits of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who died October 2016, the works of various artists.


While there, please allocate rose to the third floor, where the ASEAN Cultural Centerare located. And waste away the impression of boring and unattractive before there.


The new place was built around two years ago was posting various objects typical of the ASEAN member countries, and offers an interactive way to show the richness of the culture of the countries of Southeast Asia.


We‘ve also had similar here in Indonesia,” roughly so it feels when looking at the profile of ASEAN member countries other than Indonesia.


But the similarities it is not thus make sense are interested in lost. Otherwise visitorscould ask to guide that will give you a brief explanation in the United Kingdom regarding the language profile of each country.


There are some interactive section on cultural center of ASEAN, among others whodeal with the typical clothing, food specialties, traditional art and historical places.


Visitors can view a video short profiles of each ASEAN member country by touchingthe dome panels illustrated map of Southeast Asia.


When touching the emblem of the flag of the country in that panel, the display willrotate the video contain information such as country, the name of the capital city, as well as pictures of tourist attractions there.


The most interesting of course know the typical look of each country. The Museumhad a unique way of introducing her, using a magic plate.


With facilities that use the technology tertambah reality (Augmented Reality/AR), you simply need to point the dish contains a QR Code, and the display will translate itinto food, bring up food such as Nasi Tumpeng from Indonesia in the top plate on the screen.

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