Know the Extra Cost of Living in the Apartment

Know the Extra Cost of Living in the Apartment

The apartment is now beginning to become the urban residence option. In addition to its strategic location and easy reach of the center of everyday activities, the maintenance of the building is also more practical rather than living in the home tread. However, did you know that there is a monthly expense to be paid each month?

Yes, in contrast to staying at home, vertical living is surrounded by complete facilities that require maintenance costs. This fee is not only applicable for luxury apartments only, but for medium-sized apartments. Here are some types of expenses you should prepare.

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Service Fee
Almost all apartments charge a service charge for building operations. These fees include garden maintenance, cleaning, electrical elevators, as well as paying security salaries and employees. The amount of service rumah idaman charge varies according to the area of ​​the unit and the type of the apartment. The more spacious and complete the apartment facilities that you live automatically cost of service will be greater.

Service fees are usually withdrawn per month, 3 months or per year. The amount depends on the size of the apartment. For mid-level apartments, service usually starts from Rp15,000 to Rp20,000 per square meter. As for upper middle apartments, the tariff can start from Rp20,000 to Rp30,000 per square meter. To note, the cost of this service will experience a significant increase every year.

Electricity cost
Another expense that is enough to cut the budget to stay in the apartment is the cost of electricity. Do not be surprised, because the average electric bill is more expensive 20 percent to 30 percent than in the home tread. The reason is, the electricity tariff in the apartment requires additional cost to convert medium voltage into low voltage. The cost of changing the voltage is ultimately charged to the inhabitants of the apartment.

Even so, for those who have long lived in vertical dwellings, this high tariff is not a problem. “Yes, indeed living in the apartment the cost of electricity is higher. Every month electricity bill in place I can up to Rp3 million, “said Nia Govina, one of the settlers in the apartment Permata Gandaria, South Jakarta.

Nia, who has lived in the apartment for nearly 20 years, still thinks that living in a vertical dwelling is far more efficient. “In terms of cost, perhaps for people whose activities in the middle of the city including more efficient. It could save gas and time. ”

Water Fee
Almost the same as electricity bills, water bills are also higher than living in residential tread. But the cost difference is not so high that it is not too in the most troubled by the inhabitants of the apartment. Usually the water bill that must be spent for the occupants of the apartment with 2 rooms is about 100 thousand rupiah each month.

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Parking fee
The regulations on parking fees are relatively different in each apartment. There are free parking facilities for 1 car per apartment, but there is also a fixed monthly fee. For the cost of one car in the middle apartment can be around Rp100.000 to Rp200.000 per month. Meanwhile, motorcycle parking costs around Rp25,000 to Rp100.000 per month. Usually these costs will be distributed for security and maintenance of parking lots.

Renewal of Building Use Rights
This last point is often missed from the attention of the inhabitants of the apartment. For that it is better to ask the developer or building manager about the amount of the cost so you can prepare funds.

Most apartments have a Hak Guna Bangunan ownership status with an expiration period of 25 to 30 years. Generally two years before the HGB period runs out, the manager will charge these fees to each occupant of the apartment unit.

The amount of the cost is about 5 percent of the land area multiplied by the Value of Object Tax (NJOP). For example, if your apartment has an area of ​​30 square meters and its NJOP value is Rp 5 million per square meter, then the Building Utilization renewal fee to be paid is Rp7,500,000

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