Make Money, Work at Home

Make Money, Work at Home

Many people nowadays prefer to work at home better than to go to the office directly. You can also hire people to work for you. That way means that you also helping the government to decrease the amount of unemployed in Indonesia.

source : kerja di rumah

There are so many job that you can do in your beloved home. First is about building up your online shopping business. This kind of work does not need much about the modal with the problem may be given is not too risky. To run this kind of job, you just have to do couple movements to your fingers especially your thumb. After that, you also have to do promotion frequently. Then, have are better if you have a good skill in speaking as you can persuade the customers to buy your product.

Not online having an online shop, you can also try to sell your product in your house. This way is the best way for whom does not know technology and internet well. But the risk that may happen is bigger than the online shop. Having a catering is still related to this idea that your neighbors are your willing customers before your business becomes famous. Besides that, you can also work as a re-seller and drop shipper. Everything really depends on you.

Another way to make money but still being in home is as a provider of topping up phone credit. Before starting up this business, make sure that your most close neighbors or your surroundings are not about doing the same. You can have the profit at least IDR 2.000 per customers. Do not take a look at the salary per customer but take a look at the final salary you will earn at the end of the year. Therefore, you do not have to worry about this job.

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