The potential Market of Jogjakarta can go up 20 percent Per 6 months

The potential Market of Jogjakarta can go up 20 percent Per 6 months

Who is not familiar with Jogjakarta, a province which is on the island of Java with its nickname. Yes, call it starting from the City, the city struggles, Royal City, and the city of the archipelago because almost all the tribes that existed in Indonesia could we discover in this Gudeg city.

Yogyakarta is now not only interesting as a purely culinary   and tourist areas, but Yogyakarta also emerged as an area which has great potential for the development of the property sector, one of the apartments. But unfortunately the potential investment climate that is in Jogjakarta ‘ less balanced ‘ with government policy areas that can support rumah dijual di solo the development of the investment climate.

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“The average price of apartments that many end user interested in Jogja range in price at Rp500 – 800 million per unit with a size of 60 – 80 m2,” Frank Adieb, Nu’man owners Omah Yogyakarta property.

Where are the Yanks? As articulated Adieb, thus being one of the apartments in Yogyakarta more end user rather than investors. It is because consumers in Yogyakarta are now starting to understand how Interestingly investment property than any other type of investment options.

Indeed, if not mistaken eventually started several years ago in Yogyakarta sprung apartments being developed by both local and national developers developers.

Call it Jogja Apartments developed by PT Surya Jaya Argon, Mataram City Apartments developed by PT. Saraswantiland, Student Park Apartments developed by PT. Artha Jaya Success Prospered.

Until there are also apartments developed by national developers classmates PT. Adhi Persada Property i.e. Jasmine Garden apartments or Sinduadi for Amarta Tamansari Apartment undertaken by PT Wika Realty.

But alas, the good climatic conditions of investment property in Yogyakarta is still constrained some things pertaining to technical issues. But according to Adieb, property values in Yogyakarta, especially in Kodya nearly significant enough, in just 6 months can be increased by about 20 percent.

Indeed, the location of priority is still the main attraction for the business. And in Yogyakarta that location there in Kodya and Sleman. It is evident from the transaction ever performed by Omah Yogyakarta property. Adieb said, at the time his company helped in the sales of apartments in Babarsari Sleman. With the price of Rp400 million units, dipasarkannya units were sold in just a matter of days.

There are two things that are currently being Adieb according to technical problems in the development of an apartment that is in Jogjakarta, especially Kodya and Sleman:

First, the problem of limited land resulted in local government policy making with the quota model in administering permit property in all districts and kodya which is in Jogjakarta.
Second, the problem of technical barriers which became a classic IE upper limits the height of a commercial buildings such as apartments. It is based on local regulations governing the layout of the city of Jogjakarta. Where is the point of a high building in the city of Jogjakarta should not be more than 32 metres or eight floors above the ground. This is already provided for in the Regulation (Perda) Area of Yogyakarta city no. 1 by 2015 about Spatial Detail Plans of the city (RDTRK)..
With such conditions, it is now rather difficult to do the construction of apartments with a height of over 8 floors in Kodya and Sleman. Then about the limitations of the granting of building permits.

Just information alone, since it relies on the model of granting permission, then the quota until the year 2019 in Kodya Jogjakarta no new property development. A thriving business property transactions is only 14. While for Sleman, the quota permitting building expires in 2016.

See conditions like this, the principals of the existing properties in Jogjakarta finally began to develop its investments outside of Kodya and Sleman. Where is the choice location of Bantul, Wates, Kulon Progo, to Gunung Kidul.

As it is currently in the gembar-heralded many will blessed Adi Sutjipto Airport to a new location in Temon, Kulon Progo, as well as recreational rides classmates world Disneyland which is still the discourse will also be developed in Kulonprogo.

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