The Technique Of Finding The Basic Tone Of A Song

The Technique Of Finding The Basic Tone Of A Song

Often a musician while playing guitar, Piano or Keyboard they reveal the “Main in C or mainya in the basic tone of A major or A minor, and other tone”. Well the sentences of this makaksud is actually the basic tone used in the song in the play.

Well, when a person playing the guitar or piano for example using the basic tone ofC major, then C, the tone of this function (be/made) as: the tone of “do”: writing that we often encounter in numeric notation is: C = do/C = 1; or do = C/1 = C.

In a basic tone, there are a number of tones arranged in a tiered, referred to as Tones, or who are already familiar with solmisasi, such as “do-re-mi-fa-so-la-si-do”. Now, here there are two types of commonly used scale, i.e. the Major Scale and the Minor Scale.

His notes are: Mayor always starts with the tones do, while the Minor tone always starts with la.

• If the tone of the essence – C major, then C this was the tone the tone gitar akustik (C = do/C =1; or do = C/1 = C). Nada-nadanya order is: C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C
• Or, if the tone is essentially – F major, then this is what being A tone tone do (do/F = F = 1; or do = F/1 = F). The order of nada-nadanya is: F (do) G (re) A (mi) W (fa) C (sol) D (la) E (si) F ‘ (do ‘). •

When the tone – basically A minor, then the tone A tone that would be la (A = la/A = 6; or la = A/6 = A).

Learning Blues guitar Scale, this one was the basis of secale that must be masteredby a blues guitarist who was studying music or blues. In addition to the PentatonicScale. It’s not only rock guitarists also use scale on this one to get the tone variationin guitar games yumy.

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