Tips On Caring For Potted Plants

Tips On Caring For Potted Plants

Put houseplants in pots is one way of decorating the interiors of the House. The placement of the pot, in addition to giving a visual beauty also gives a positive psychological effect for the occupants in the House.

The plant can be placed on the corners of houses or placed on top of the coffee table to your home. So, resembling a series of plants but is more durable and long lasting. If your tired of the particular plant collection, simply exchanged for other collections. Home atmosphere any immediate change.

However, taking care of potted ornamental plants in the home need special handling because of conditions in the jasa pembuatan taman minimalis different houses with the outdoors. For that reason, plants need to be adapted before being placed in the room. In order to give the prima, the plants should also clean and beautiful so you can beautify the overall look of your home interior.

Customize your character with a style of home interior plants You among other forms of leaves and branches, scale the size of the plants against space, color tone, and pots into a container
Please choose the type of plants that are shade menyukailokasi for placement indoors. This is due to the type of plant is easy to adapt to the conditions of the natural light. Preferably, the plant also has a slow growing speed and thick-leaved because able to store water in a longer time and are resistant to the Chamber refrigerated.
Keep the cleanliness of plants such as leaves are clean and shiny and the pot is covered with pots of ornamental surface clean. The surface of the soil in the pot shouldbe closed with fine gravel so as not to be an open ground.
As much as possible place the plant in the corner who still allow light to hit the plant, e.g. near window or near the door that allows air to flow and be at the venues
Routinely doing rotations with crops more collections every 2 weeks up to 2 weeksdepending on the type of plant. You can do the previous observations and certain types of plants able to survive long enough in the room. When plants tend to be thin and wither soon ejected from the room.
Plants that are “ended” should not be placed in a place that is too open. Place in a shady and humid but got light though not directly.
Watering is done carefully so as not to litter the floor. For large pots can be wrapped in plastic before being placed in the barrels. For a small pot, watering activity done outside.
If you plan to travel and no one is taking care of the plants in the House, preferablya potted plant that is temporarily removed from the room so that the rain water gets directly.

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