Wow! This turns out to be eco-friendly plastic made from Cassava

One of the dilemmas of being a mom is how to keep the environment at the same time without made complicated. Lately, Mom sure made a shock with government regulations regarding the enforcement of a plastic bag unpaid on every minimart andsupermarket. This is done for the sake of reducing the problem of plastic waste thatis starting to annoy. As we know, plastic waste is not easy to render. And of course it can be harmful to the environment.

But now Mom doesn’t have to worry about, one of the original Bali Indonesia youthmake plastic innovation of cassava. Is Kevin Kumala are located behind the plastic eco-labeled Plastic Avani Eco. Even eco-plastic construction is now widely used around the world.

“I along with fellow team R&D I, eight people researching for three years from 2010to meretur engineer based on something. Bioplastic wears one vegetable commodity nature in Indonesia and two pocket. Because the talk in lieu of plastic, the cheap price of course must be signed also as part of competitive in terms of price, “says Kevin as quoted independent (14/2).

Eco-plastic is made from cassava. Indonesia by 2015 cassava to produce 24 million tons per year. More remarkably, this eco-plastic made from cassava dregs. So Kevinutilizes the waste into something useful.

In Indonesia alone, the Government has made a policy of using plastic is destroyedby himself for two years. Unfortunately this also makes the dilemma, because of thelitter that destroyed up to two millimeter though can kill living creatures, including humans. Wow, spooky huh?

Unlike the artificial plastic bio-Kevin is very safe for all living things. Even to unveil eco-plastic construction was secure he drank water containing a solution of its own eco-plastics. Of course this proves that eco-plastics this is very helpful to reduce plastic waste and plastiknya waste also does not interfere with natural ecosystems.

This was great Kevin innovation Yes, Mom. Of course it helps Mom to wear plastic or not in everyday life. Hopefully this information is useful.

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